Terms and Conditions

Edmunds Metal Works-Warranty Terms and Conditions

Edmunds Metal Works (EMW) has in place quality control standards and practices that ensure that you’re product will be manufactured correctly. If there is an error caused by EMW on a product, and it fails to work properly, it will be corrected or replaced at our discretion. All changes must be approved by EMW and subsequent price changes. Once a product is manufactured it can’t be changed or canceled without subsequent charges to the customer. We must be notified of all changes or cancel lations to an order as soon as possible. All product defects must be filed within 30 days of shipment delivery. Items subject to wear are not considered defective when worn and are not covered.

Somefinish or product damage may happen to components during shipping or installation and is not covered under warranty. Product damaged during shipment must be reported to freight shipper and claims made by customer directly to Freight Company.